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The Real Estate Industry and COVID-19

While many would-be Buyers and Sellers are clearly taking a wait and see approach, those who need to complete a real estate transaction can be reassured as the Provincial Government has confirmed Realtors® as essential workers. Lawyers, Mortgage Agents, Bankers and other critical services tied to housing are, for the most part, still in place and operating; albeit more through technology than ever before.

That said, many of the normal steps in the homebuying or selling process have been disrupted.

Buyers, for instance, may have a difficult time visiting a listed dwelling in person. Open houses are not permitted in the Province of Ontario, and visits, while not prohibited, are becoming increasingly rare for health reasons.

In their place, digital workarounds using social media and web resources have become fundamental. Realtors are offering to livestream walk throughs with you in real time. Sellers have seen great value in having a professional video done both inside and out. To complement the video, measurements and room layouts are also available online so that Buyers can narrow their choices significantly and lessen the risks associated with in-person visits.

Offers to purchase can all be done with digital signatures. If the enjoyment of signing in person is desired, this can be (close to) accomplished by way of a video conference. It’s not the same as being in the same room; but the visual is still there and the moment can still be celebrated.

Applying for, qualifying and securing financing can all be done digitally. We are responding to challenges daily and can provide you with information to help with your decision making and maintaining your peace of mind during this unprecedented time.

We are here to help! Shelter is central to our society, and as your Realtor I will work with you to safely fulfill your real estate needs.

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